• Church in Berkeley

Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election + Prayer for the United States

  • Acknowledge and praise our God who is on the throne, the Administrator of the world situation and the Ruler of the kings of the earth

  • That His will be done in this country (even in this election) for the spread of the recovery, the building of His Body, and preparation of His Bride, hastening His return

  • That the spirit of lawlessness in this country be limited and there would be a restoration of peace and order 

College Conference (11/4-6)

Stanford Update

1. Pray that the Lord would continue to advance His own work at Stanford by shielding all those who are meeting with us (and those who have not met us yet) from the enemy’s attack.

2. Pray that this would be the year that a good number of students will begin to taste the church life and enjoy being with the community saints.

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