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Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Campus Work

Pray for the follow up with the new students whom we have contacted. Pray that they will continue to come to the Bible study, home meeting, and the Lord's table and be shepherded!

Saints' Entrance into the Ministry

Pray for the beginning of the reading of Life-Study of Matthew this week. May many partake of this opportunity to be constituted with His Word!

BfA Tour in Northern and Central California

On September 4, Bibles for America will embark on a Bible distribution tour in Northern and Central California. The cities on the tour will include Gilroy, Morgan Hill, and Berkeley/Albany (Solano Stroll), as well as others in the East Bay Area and Central California. Pray for the Word of God to run in California!

Korean-Speaking Mini Conference (9/14-15; Santa Clara, CA)

Pray for many to be at this time for fellowship and blending. May the Lord bless the Korean-speaking saints in the area with His presence and speaking.

German Rhema Readers' Seminar at Gut Elim (9/13-15)

Email invitations have been sent to over 600 readers who have been touched by the sowing carried out by Rhema in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Pray for:

  • The new ones to respond to the reminder emails and phone calls the saints will be making

  • The binding of anything that distracts the readers from coming

  • The release of a rich word full of the anointing in the seminar

  • A spirit of wisdom and revelation and the enlightening of the eyes of the new ones’ hearts

  • The connecting of the new ones to the local saints for their shepherding in the Triune God

  • The sweet coordination of the saints to produce remaining fruit from this seminar

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