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Announcements for December 31st to January 6th

Updated: Jan 2

New or Revised for This Week

Corporate Prayer Meeting starts early at 7 PM 1/2) The corporate prayer meeting starts early at 7 PM this Tuesday, January 2nd, via Zoom.

Open Meeting for semiannual video training (1/6) There will be an open meeting for the semiannual video training this Saturday, January 6th at 10 AM in the Fireplace Room.

This meeting is open to all saints, regardless of registration in the training. We encourage all saints to come and receive the Lord's up-to-date speaking concerning our laboring on Him as the All-Inclusive Good Land.

Lessons on Shepherding - next session (1/20) The next session of the Lesson on Shepherding will be Saturday, January 20nd via Zoom. To sign-up to receive emails concerning these messages, please click here.


Previously Announced

  • New Hold Word for Morning Revival book We have started a new HWMR book: Knowing, Experiencing, and Living the All-Inclusive Christ for the Genuine Church Life. To purchase a physical copy, please get in touch with the book service. To purchase a digital copy, please visit the following links:

  • Apple Books

  • Amazon Kindle

  • Google Play

  • Corporate English Lord's Table meetings (12/24, 12/31, 1/7, 1/14) The English-speaking Lord's Table and prophesying meetings will be combined in the Main Hall starting Lord's Day, December 17th, through Lord's Day, January 14th. There will be no love feast on 12/24 and12/31.

  • LSM Donations There is now a website where saints can donate to Living Stream Ministry: This website may be used to make one-time donations, designated offerings, and fixed recurring donations. (It cannot be used to make payments for goods or services.)



Knowing, Experiencing, and Living the All-Inclusive Christ for the Genuine Church Life - Week 2

Prayer Meeting (Tuesday)

7 PM - early start via Zoom.

Life-Study Reading We are taking a break from the reading this week.


"And when anyone presents an offering of a meal offering to Jehovah, his offering shall be of fine flour; and he shall pour oil on it and put frankincense on it." — Lev. 2:1


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