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Announcements for June 23rd to 29th

New and Revised this Week

  • Resume Holy Word for Morning Revival This week we resume laboring on the material from the December 2023 Semiannual training with Week 11 of the HWMR titled Laboring on the All-inclusive Christ Typified by the Good Land for the Building Up of the Church as the Body of Christ, for the Reality and the Manifestation of the Kingdom, and for the Bride to Make Herself Ready for the Lord's Coming, Vol. 2.  To purchase a physical copy, please get in touch with the book service. A digital copy may be purchased at the following links:   Apple Books Amazon Kindle Google Play

  • Christians on Campus Fall Retreat Signups Saints are invited to join the college students on their Fall retreat to kick off their semester. This camping trip is an opportunity to be built up with each other in spirit, share testimonies, and prepare for the upcoming term. Sign-ups and more information can be found here.


Previously Announced

  • Donating for the Gospel Trips to France

The saints in Europe are burdened to contact the local people throughout French-speaking Europe to raise up shining lampstands and strengthen the existing churches there. Some saints in the Lord’s Recovery to participate in gospel trips during the torch relay and Olympic Games from May 6 to Sept. 9. If you would like to support the Lord's move through these saints, please contact Matthew Muh at  or send funds to via Zelle.

  • July Semiannual Video Training Registration July 2-14th

Registration is still open for the July 2024 Semiannual Video Training with a late fee of $25. Saints can register at the following link:

  • LSM Donations

There is a website where saints can donate to Living Stream Ministry: This website may be used to make one-time donations, designated offerings, and fixed recurring donations (It cannot be used to make payments for goods or services).



Laboring on the All-inclusive Christ Typified by the Good Land — Week 11

Prayer Meeting - Tuesday night

7:30 pm - by district

Life-Study Reading Life-Study of 2 Corinthians - Messages 29 & 30


"Then to the place where Jehovah your God will choose to cause His name to dwell, there you shall bring all that I am commanding you, your burnt offerings and your sacrifices, your tithes and the heave offering of your hand and all your choice vows which you vow to Jehovah." — Deut. 12:11

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