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Labor Day Conference Announcement

Translation: Saints requiring translation into Chinese, Spanish, or Korean should bring an FM radio and earphones, plus extra batteries.

Young People: The young people (Grades 7-12) have their own conference meetings, held in the Regency Ballroom to the right of the main foyer, on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening (not Saturday afternoon) at the same time as the regular conference meetings. They are expected to join the general conference meetings on Lord’s Day morning.

Children’s Service: Children’s service (Grades K-6) is provided for all the conference meetings (not including Saturday afternoon) in rooms to the left of the main foyer. This year we will have a special opening time in the Poolside Pavilion for the children. The ushers and serving ones will direct parents to the room.

Young People and Children: Please ensure that they are not running around, especially during the evening hours when hotel guests are trying to rest.

Infants and Toddlers: Harbour Room A to the right of the main foyer is designated for mothers with toddlers and nursing infants. Conference audio will be available through FM radios (please bring earphones and extra batteries). Harbour Room B will be available as well after the brothers' prayer time right before the meeting begins.

Food: According to hotel regulations, no outside food may be consumed in the public (common) areas of the hotel. It can, of course, be consumed in your hotel room.

Parking: Three important points:

Do not park in the lots of other buildings. Some cars were towed last year. You may park on the street, or, of course, in the hotel parking structure.

For non-guests, you must validate your parking ticket at the validation machines near the stairways in the foyer and then go to the pay stations by the elevators on the main floor or atrium level in order to obtain the conference rate of $5.

Saturday afternoon: For non-guests who wish to leave and return on Saturday afternoon, you need to validate your ticket as above at the validation machine and then go to the pay stations. This will enable you to obtain the $5 discounted parking rate to exit the garage. You may also receive a free parking pass at the validation machines to be used when you exit after the evening meeting without having to pay a second time.

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