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Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Fellowship from Brother Minoru

21 Days of Prayer

Dear saints,

In light of the current world situation, the co-workers in the Lord’s recovery feel that now is the time to call on the saints in every place to pray in one accord as the one new man for the Lord’s interests on the earth. To facilitate this burden, we have set up a new website, unceasinglypray.org.

This site is intended to foster round-the-clock, global prayer for 21 days, from April 1 to April 21, 2020. Visit unceasinglypray.org to:

Sign up to receive prayer burdens and reminders via email

  • Read an introductory letter from the co-workers 

  • Select 15-minute daily time slots to pray

  • Pray over 21 suggested points for the saints’ intercession

  • Confirm participation in this prayer ministry

If we avail ourselves of this opportunity, even while we are under restriction outwardly we will increase our spiritual capacity to carry out the most important service of the church, which is prayer. We believe that because of the strong one accord and rich blending among the co-workers and the churches, we, as the Lord’s Body, are more able than ever before to put on the whole armor of God to stand for the Lord’s interests against all the spiritual forces of evil.

To meet the need at this crucial juncture, we call on all the saints from every continent, nation, and locality in the Lord's recovery to pray with watchfulness and perseverance so that the Lord will have a way to advance the divine history within human history for the fulfillment of His purpose at the end of this age. Please spread the word so that as many saints as possible can join in this global prayer of the one new man.

The brothers coordinating the affairs for the 21 days of prayer

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