Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, April 27, 2021

UC Berkeley

Pray for the contacting of the incoming freshman and transfer class. May many become open vessels to receive Him and enjoy Him! Pray also for the gathering together and contacting of some incoming students this Lord's Day.

Gospel Meeting (LD, May 2) - Who can say "Your sins are forgiven"?

Pray for the upcoming gospel meeting, covering Matthew 9:1-8. May we be faithful to invite and pray for his anointing, authority and presence!

East Bay Churches Blending (Lord's Day, May 2)

Pray for the re-speaking and entering into the burden of this past month's ITERO. May the Lord blend the churches together through this gathering!


Pray for the semester-end celebration meeting this LD, that at least 15 would attendees, and 10 of these would be new ones. Pray that at least 30 saints would migrate to Minneapolis by the end of 2021. To date, 21 saints have migrated, with about 7 more who expressed a solid intention to migrate.


Pray for the city of Oakland that the Lord will draw many to Himself to eat and drink of Him.

Bible Daily Reading

Pray we will all persevere in getting into the word of God to be supplied and nourished.

Shepherding in the Church

Thank the Lord for His caring for us as the Chief Shepherd! May the Lord use every member of His Body to shepherd the Body in love and in mutuality. Pray that every brother and sister in the church would care for and be cared for by another saint!

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