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Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, August 30, 2022

UC Berkeley Campus - Bible Studies

Pray for the first week of Bible study with gatherings (Greetings and Games) throughout the week plus the kickoff on Wednesday night. This school year, the club will go over 1 Corinthians this year. May the Lord draw many this week and the rest of the year to see Christ and His cross as the solution to all our problems.

Labor Day Conference

  • Pray for this first in-person conference for Northern California churches since the pandemic to be under the Lord’s headship and His blessing.

  • Pray for a timely and fresh speaking of the Word through the speaking brothers and all the prophesying saints by entering into the messages of the Spring ITERO, God’s Economy in Faith.

  • Pray for the saints’ preparation of the prophesying through enjoyment of the Holy Word for Morning Revival, and the help of other ministry material including Ministry Magazine, prophesying in the church meetings and the corporate Saturday morning truth pursuit.

  • Pray for the saints to desire the opportunity to blend together in person, and those who come to experience what they might have not experienced in the last two years – the great joy of the releasing of the Spirit, the Lord’s rich presence and receiving His express word to His flock in this special time.

NorCal Working Saints Perfecting Fellowship Term 3

  • Pray that the working saints would not be stupefied and would awaken to the Lord’s soon return and that the light of His coming would impact the way they live, serve and prioritize their life.

  • Pray for the working saints to heed the danger and loss of not using their talent today, rising up to serve the Lord with a view toward His judgment seat.

  • Pray that the working saints would not be passive towards the Lord, occupied in the world and hiding their talent in the earth. Rather, they would be active to use their talent to gain a profit for the Lord.

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