Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, December 21, 2021

December Training

May all the saints be open to the Lord and be willing to be touched by Him at this training.

Campus Work

Pray for all the students to continue to enjoy the Lord and stay connected during the winter break.

Churches and Saints in the Southern Philippines

Super Typhoon Odette passed through the Province of Cebu on 12/16 and damaged halls and houses in Cebu City and nearby localities. 5 meeting halls are fully damaged, and another 15 are partially damaged. About 636 saints' homes are severely affected. Presently, the saints are very limited in the following needs: water supply, food supply, electricity, fuel, phone signal, and internet connection. It could take more than a month to recover these needs due to damaged roads and electrical posts. More prayers and support from the saints are needed!


Pray for a permanent meeting hall for the church in Minneapolis. There are many students close to coming into the church life, and a hall close to the campus can facilitate this transition. A meeting hall will also enhance all aspects of the church life!

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