Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Recent Conference Speaking Thank the Lord for His recent shining and speaking over the last couple weekends. May the Lord expose and deal with our culture and release the mutual shepherding for the building of the Body. Link to speaking last weekend:

Worship and Ministry Series

  • May the saints have a balanced church life of both coming to the Lord and going to announce riches of Christ as the gospel.

  • The saints would exercise to write down names of their contacts, pray for them and reach out to them faithfully and consistently.

  • The Lord would use the 3rd session to attract seekers, sinners and saints into the church life.

  • The coordination of the speaking brothers, and their utterance; that this session would be warm, welcoming and attractive; filled with light and spirit, and the word of God.

Church in Minneapolis

  • Pray for job offers, housing situation, and a clear leading for at least 30 saints to migrate to Minneapolis

  • Campus Labor: Pray that this wave of Covid-19 case will be limited, so the work may progress unhindered. Pray that at least 25 students would attend our end of semester celebration meeting on Dec. 12 (we have 15 signed up right now). Pray that many students would rise up to become more involved.


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