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Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, June 15, 2021

July Training

Pray for the saints as they consider for the July Training Registration and the brothers as they prepare and labor on the outlines.

Sumer School of the Truth

Pray all the young people will enjoy and love the Lord more!

In-Person Gathering Consideration

May the Lord lead and guide the church in considering all the practical details for different in-person gatherings.

Campus Work - Internship (6/7-19)

10 students and recent graduates are participating in the Christian on Campus internship! This internship is a program to cultivate a heart for the gospel, learn to contact people, build up life practices, and be filled with the truth.Please pray for the interns to be cultivated to love the truth and to speak the gospel. And Pray for their preparation for the upcoming open house event.


Pray for the city of Oakland that the Lord will draw many to Himself to eat and drink of Him.

Bible Daily Reading

Pray we will all persevere in getting into the word of God to be supplied and nourished.

Shepherding in the Church

Thank the Lord for His caring for us as the Chief Shepherd! May the Lord use every member of His Body to shepherd the Body in love and in mutuality. Pray that every brother and sister in the church would care for and be cared for by another saint!


Pray that at least 30 saints would migrate to Minneapolis by the end of 2021. To date, 21 saints have migrated, with about 7 more who expressed a solid intention to migrate.

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