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Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Bible Daily Reading

Pray we will all persevere in getting into the word of God to be supplied and nourished.

Shepherding in the Church

Thank the Lord for His caring for us as the Chief Shepherd! May the Lord use every member of His Body to shepherd the Body in love and in mutuality. Pray that every brother and sister in the church would care for and be cared for by another saint!

UC Berkeley

Pray for the incoming freshman class that many will become open vessels to receive Him and enjoy Him!

International Training for Elders and Responsible Ones (4/16-18)

Pray for the brothers to open to the Lord's personal speaking and training.

The Lord's Move in Israel

Pray for the Lord's move in Israel and strengthening of all the co-workers and saints there.


Pray that at least 30 saints would migrate to Minneapolis by the end of 2021. Pray for the working and living situations for the ones already moving including the establishing of healthy, vital brothers' and sisters' houses for our gospel and shepherding. Pray for at least 15 students to be at the ministry meeting on campus this week and a blending trip for college students to Madison within the next month. Pray for an on-campus gathering on April 18. This will be a one-time end- of-the year gathering to thank, enjoy and praise the Lord. Pray that the students would attend and enjoy this time, so it can be repeated and become a stepping-stone into the church-life.

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