Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Working Saints Perfecting Fellowship

Thank the Lord for His speaking this past Saturday. Prayer that the Lord would shine on our attitude towards our spiritual condition. May He cause the working saints to be desperate concerning any condition of indifference within us. Lord, gain our fresh consecration to you!

Fellowship Night (Thursday, Nov 18)

Pray for the Lord's preparation of the students hearts for His speaking this week. May more of His divine intention be revealed through the fellowship of all the members.

Thanksgiving Day Conference

Pray for the entrance of all the saints into the speaking of the New Testament ministry. Pray especially for our participation and digestion of this speaking.

Lord's Move to Oakland

May the Lord prepare homes, saints, and gospel openings in the city of Oakland. Through prayer and coordination, may He open a practical way for more to participate in this move.

Nourishment November

This month, may the Lord grace each brother and sister to build up a habit of enjoying His word and ministry, and constitute us for His building.

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