Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

UC Berkeley - May the Lord move in an intensified way at the end of this semester and year to grace our students with more enjoyment of Him! "Seek the Lord, while He may be found!" May we cooperate with the Lord in releasing the salvation and baptisms of our seeking ones, and the shepherding function of our students!

YP Conference in Fremont (Nov 8-10)

Pray for the young people and serving ones attending, as well as their receiving of hospitality this weekend. May the Lord capture these young ones with a vision of more of Himself and His church!

Persian Translator's Training in Frankfurt, Germany (Sat, Nov 9)

We are very burdened that many more saints could be trained and perfected to be useful in written and/or oral translation in German and Persian, including the publication work and trainings and conferences and in their church meetings. Approximately 70 saints from German-speaking countries are signed up.

The Church in Berlin

We thank the Lord that through the prayers and supply of the Body, the remaining need to purchase the property in Berlin has been met.

Sisters Conference in Palo Alto (Sat, Nov 16)

Pray for the sisters registration and attendance, as well as their attendance at the webcast here in Berkeley.

Campus Work in the Bay Area

-UC Berkeley - May the Lord continue to move in releasing the salvation and baptisms of our seeking ones, and shepherding function of our students!

-Contra Costa College: Pray for the labor of the saints with the on-campus Bible study and ongoing return of the new ones. May the Lord bless the coordination with remaining fruit!

-Stanford: Pray for the Lord to gain the key ones this semester for His building, and to bless the campus labor this school year.

-Cal State East Bay - pray there will be more open homes in Hayward for the students at Cal State East Bay.

The Gospel of Matthew

Pray for the saints' entrance into the book of Matthew, whether in Bible studies, Life-study reading groups or through individual reading. May many partake of this opportunity to be constituted with His Word!

Family Fellowship

Pray that the family fellowship time can become an entrance for many to enter into the church life. May we all exercise to invite our friends, coworkers, and neighbors to this time!

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