Prayer Burdens, Tuesday, September 21, 2021

UC Berkeley Campus Work

Pray for many to come to the fellowship night this Thursday and Worship and Ministry Series this Lord's day!

Working Saints Perfecting Fellowship

The goal of this fellowship is to perfect and equip the working saints on how to serve the Lord and the saints in the proper church life. It will begin with the burden on the meeting life and particularly with the small groups. The small groups are the foundation of the church life and without the small groups we cannot build up the church life properly. The second session will be on 9/25/2021. Daily prayer burdens for working saints can be found here.

Northern California Full-Timers

Pray for the Lord to release more full-timers (graduating FTTA trainees & working saints) to meet His needs on the campuses across Northern California.


Pray for the city of Oakland that the Lord will draw many to Himself to eat and drink of Him.

Bible Daily Reading

Pray we will all persevere in getting into the word of God to be supplied and nourished.

Shepherding in the Church

Thank the Lord for His caring for us as the Chief Shepherd! May the Lord use every member of His Body to shepherd the Body in love and in mutuality. Pray that every brother and sister in the church would care for and be cared for by another saint!

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