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Enjoyments—Part 2

The saints who participated in the Lessons for New Believers reading challenge during the month of January would like to share some their enjoyments. This is Part 2 of 2!

God accepts every consecration. Even if our consecration is not completely sincere, it will eventually become real; a partial consecration will become a full consecration. Whoever puts himself on the altar cannot run away from it. God accepts whatever we put on the altar. (Lesson 4, p. 61)

I really enjoyed this matter of consecration, and how God always accepts our consecration, no matter what. Even if we don't mean completely what we say yet, God will happily accept our consecration and bring it into a reality. So, we should continually consecrate ourselves to Him daily so that He can work out what He wants in us! This really encouraged me to continually renew my consecration as a daily practice and take solace in the fact that He will work it all out.

—N. C.

After consecration a believer needs to learn to walk according to the spirit. If we do not know how to walk according to the spirit once we have been saved, have terminated the past, and have consecrated ourselves to the Lord, it will not be easy for us to grow properly. (Lesson 5, p. 65)

I appreciated the sequence of the topics arranged in this book. After laying out a solid foundation in the matter of salvation, the first topic our brother touched upon is the mingled spirit, and 10 points were given on how to practically walk according to the spirit. Following this lesson, the next two are reading the Bible and prayer, which match the three key components in the book of Acts. Once a new believer establishes a good habit in walking according to the spirit, reading the Bible and prayer, the life will grow.

—J. O.

When we read the Bible, we should have an attitude of contacting God Himself. The Bible is the word of God, and the word of God is the embodiment of God. It is God Himself, the breath of God, that is, the breathing out of God. Thus, we must have a heart that is true and sincere toward God and a spirit that is quiet and open to Him. (Lesson 6, p. 81)

I appreciated that when we come to the Bible, we need to realize that we are coming to contact a person. Many times it is easy for me to come to the Bible and just read, but actually, I need to come to meet God in the word and have my heart inclined towards Him to receive Him. Whenever we come to the Bible, we should receive the life supply.

—F. L.


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