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October 18, 2020 Testimonies

The books serving saints would like to share some additional enjoyments from The Prayer Ministry of the Church:

Isaiah 45:11 says, “Thus says Jehovah, / The Holy One of Israel and the One who formed him, / Ask Me about the things to come concerning My sons, / And concerning the work of My hands, command Me.”

We cannot make God do what He does not want to do, yet we can stop God from doing what He wants to do....It does not mean that we force God to do what He does not want to do. Rather, it means that we can command God to do what He wants to do.

After God created a man with a free will, His power was limited by this man. He could no longer act according to what He wanted. He had to ask whether man wanted the same thing and whether he was willing to do the same thing.

God is willing to be limited in time because He wants to gain a harmonious will in the second eternity. He wants man’s free will to be harmonious with His will....God’s intention is that man’s free will would choose to obey Him. This is a glory to God! In eternity future the free will of man will be joined to God’s eternal will....In eternity future man still has a free will, but it will stand on God’s side. He still has the ability to oppose God, but he will not oppose Him. Hallelujah! Even though man will have the freedom to oppose God, he will not oppose Him. He will do what God wants. (The Prayer Ministry of the Church, p. 9-11)

I enjoyed that God wants our will to be one with His will. He then wants us to pray for His will on the earth. This is our role in the church today. In the future, it will be a glory to Him when we, His children, will use our free will to choose God's will. This harmony of wills, now and in the future, is a glory to God!

-- S. L.


We must be watchful in prayer and not allow Satan to disrupt our prayer with his deception. Satan will often accuse us after we fail a little and cause us to analyze ourselves while we pray so that we cannot open our mouth to God. When God’s answer seems to be far away, Satan will cause us to become disappointed and discouraged, and he will take away our strength to wait on God. Brothers and sisters, if our prayer is to be according to God’s will, we have to persist in our prayer until the end. Even when we fail, we can come before God through the blood of the Lamb; there is no need for Satan to interfere with us. We have to be like the widow who prayed until the judge had to avenge her (Luke 18:7). We have to be like the Shunammite who would not leave Elisha until he went with her (2 Kings 4:30). We believe that a delay in answers to prayer can help us know something we did not know before, and it can help us learn lessons we were ignorant of. We must never allow Satan to cut off our prayer or damage it. (The Prayer Ministry of the Church, p. 82)

I found this to be a very encouraging paragraph on being watchful in our prayers to the Lord. Prayer is indispensable for the Lord to operate and move today. Certainly, the enemy will do all that he can to frustrate our prayers, especially by accusing us and discouraging us because of our failures. But praise the Lord! We have the blood of the Lamb which cleanses us from every sin! This blood speaks for us! And by the merit of this blood, we can pray without any uncertainty, any doubt, and any interference from the enemy. Let us keep claiming the blood and be watchful in prayer!

-- P. L.


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