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Student Truth & Ministry Pursuit Program

Updated: May 18, 2021

Praise the Lord! We have an exciting announcement to make!

The Student Truth and Ministry Pursuit Program (STAMPP) is a program open to all students meeting at the church in Berkeley to encourage the purchase of physical ministry books for their personal and corporate ministry pursuits.

The burden behind this program is that there would be greater accessibility for students to obtain physical copies of ministry books, in order that the riches found within may have an easier way to be deposited into the students’ hearts. Many may opt for free-of-charge or cheaper digital versions due to cost and convenience. However, possessing the physical ministry has many benefits:

  1. Reading from physical books is more advantageous in retaining information and content than when reading from digital formats.

  2. The tangible nature of physical books allows one to interact directly with the material, such as marking it up and taking notes as one pleases.

  3. There are no distractions from a physical book! Reading online, though convenient, opens the door for distracting and competing things to interrupt one’s reading.

  4. Possession of the ministry gives a sense of ownership and pride. This causes the owner to treasure and value the ministry books that they have purchased and received. Additionally, the books would follow the owner and serve as a perpetual reference for many years to follow.

  5. When one sees the physical book, there is a recognition that it is theirs and that the book’s sole purpose is to be read. This would surely remind and nag the owner again and again to read, simply because the book is theirs. A publicly-available website cannot produce the same effect.

Therefore, this program aims to facilitate all kinds of ministry pursuits by making it even easier to purchase physical ministry books! Upon reading through an entire ministry book, a student may receive a $5 voucher for his/her next purchase redeemable only via the books service at the church in Berkeley. As most ministry books are sold between $5-$20, this is a significant discount to encourage all of the students to get deeper into the ministry, whether individually or with companions, by means of the physical books. This is a provision unique to the students and so it is our hope that every student would take advantage of this while they are still students.

Below are some additional details on how this program works:

  1. “Students”: This program is open to all current college and graduate students meeting at the church in Berkeley, including community college students and UC Berkeley students.

  2. Eligible books: Eligible books for redemption include those purchased independently from the church in Berkeley book sales and those read entirely online. However, the book must have been finished after the date of the original announcement, April 4th, 2021. Upon completing the book, the student can then indicate his/her completion when ordering a new book. We trust the students, and their consciences, to be truthful in reporting the completion of a book.

  3. One voucher per book: Each ministry book the student finishes is eligible to be redeemed for one $5 voucher. If a student finishes two ministry books, then the student can receive two $5 vouchers.

  4. Paying the remaining difference: The $5 voucher is applied to the final price of the book (including tax) and the student would pay the remaining difference.

  5. Discounted purchases: Books purchased at a discounted, promotional price (such as the Life-Study sets) can be redeemed for a $5 voucher. Books purchased with a $5 voucher through STAMPP can also be redeemed for another $5 voucher upon completion.

  6. Ineligible books: A $5 voucher cannot be earned from reading The Holy Word for Morning Revival or small booklets.

  7. How to use a voucher: After completing an entire ministry book that is eligible for this program, if you are ready to place an order for a new book, please indicate your student status and the title of the book you finished when filling out the church in Berkeley book order form:

May the Lord bless all of the students with an appetite for the ministry and have the way to deposit the riches in the ministry into their hearts.

The Books Serving Saints



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